The WrestleMania 33 Beeramid – The Last Ride?

Father Time is undefeated. He quite literally never loses. At WrestleMania 33 last year we saw what was presumably the final match of The Undertaker’s career (until they decide to roll him out again in the next six weeks in preparation for WrestleMania 34). For over a decade now Pip and I have been building the structure known simply as “The Beeramid” while we watch WrestleMania. Several years back we started to produce our yearly WrestleMania Drinking Games to play while we watched. I have a feeling that Father Time is finally catching up with us.

Yes, we still watched WrestleMania.

Yes, we still played our drinking game.

But gone are the days when we went out of our way to finish “one more row”. Gone are the days when we struggled to shotgun that final beer. Now we’re struggling to stay awake for a five hour pay per view. Now my kids are getting older and they’re watching much (most) of the show with us.

I didn’t take many pics but as you can see they paint a very different picture than years past… and that’s OK.

WrestleMania 33 Beeramid

So… where do we go from here.

Well, Pip sadly will not be joining me this year. He’s got some real life conflicts with work and family and WrestleMania weekend just isn’t in the cards. This sucks especially bad since I couldn’t go on my yearly trip to Indy last fall for similar reasons so it’s been a damn long time since we’ve gotten together. Again, Father Time wins. We’ve talked about making a trip happen in the spring or summer and you can be damn sure I’ll go out of my way to get back to Indiana in the fall.

I still plan on putting together a WrestleMania 34 Drinking Game as believe it or not there are a quite a few folks who’ve already asked me about it. I still plan on watching WrestleMania 34 (in just a few short weeks now) and if I’m being honest I’ll still probably build a beeramid. But it’s not going to be the same and it probably never will be again. And that’s OK. It was a hell of a ride.

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