The WrestleMania Project

WrestleMania LogoI’m a big professional wrestling geek… have been for more years that I care to remember.  If you’re a regular 406 reader you already know this.  Pip and I get together every year and build the Beeramid based on that year’s drinking game.  I often tell people that professional wrestling is a soap opera for guys but that’s probably giving it too much credit.  Bottom line is after all of these years I still really enjoy watching it.  Sure I don’t follow it to the extent that I did back in the day but I can tell you that my DVR is running every Monday night and I try to at least follow things on a semi-regular basis.

A few years ago, the WWE put out a DVD box set of all the WrestleMania’s to date (at that time it included the first 21 shows).  I received that box set for Christmas one year and (being the completionist that I am) have purchased each show’s DVD since then.  Those DVDs are at the center of what I’m calling “The WrestleMania Project”.

Over the next several weeks/months (or however long it takes me to get through it) I’m going to be watching all 25 WrestleMania shows and putting together posts for each show.  In the past I’ve done posts about my top matches but this will be a more “all encompassing” look at each and every show.  Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Oh you’re right… there are SO many better ways to spend my time. Then again I can’t even begin to count the times we did 5 for 5 with free popcorn. Ahh, those were the days.

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