Things That Piss Me Off: The Napkin Dispenser

Napkin DispenserOK… I’m trying not to eat a bunch of fast food these days but on a rare occasion I’ll actually stop through the drive through and on an ever rarer occasion will I step inside the store.  One question: What the hell is up with the napkin dispensers in these places?  I’m looking for 1 napkin… maybe 2.  Invariably I reach in and one of two things happens.

  1. I scrape the hell out of my hand/wrist trying to reach up and grab a napkin.
  2. I get a big wad of about 30 napkins and the dispenser is left looking like the one pictured here.

I mean seriously is the no napkin dispenser manufacturer out there that doesn’t build these monstrosities?  Would it be so difficult to simply put a stack of napkins on the counter and allow me to grab one?  Or how about this… perhaps the clerk behind the counter could actually take the extra 2 seconds and put a couple of napkins in the bag.  Good lord.

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