This Happened Last Time… What’s Next?

If you’re following me on social media (Facebook and Twitter) you know that The Annex has started a new tradition of holding monthly  Tweetups (get togethers of friends from the Twitter world) on a monthly basis.  THIS happened last time.

We Like To Party
We Like To Party… And Bullshit

The photo above is what happens when @TamarieKeehn spins the tunes, and @406Northlane and @Brad4Word get jiggy wit it.  Lord help us all.  Incidentally, this photos is black and white cause I’m a firm believer in the fact that ANY photo becomes “art” when it’s black and white ;).

BitchyLibrarian & TamarieKeehn
@BitchyLibrarian & @TamarieKeehn

The first photo had my ugly mug in it, so in order to turn it into “art” it needed to be black and white. Not necessary here…

The next Tweetup is scheduled for this Wednesday (July 11th at 7ish).  What happens then?  You’ll have to show up to find out!

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