Thoughts For Monday

  • Hoosier footballThe goddamn jackhammer is back.  We’ve had a week of silence so this comes as a very unwelcome shock to the system.  All I can say is this better be the best restaurant in downtown Cleveland when they’re done.
  • Mondays suck.  They suck even worse when Sunday night is bad.
  • Mobile devices are now officially the bane of my existence.  This includes cell phones, BlackBerrys, etc.  Sure they’re nice when you REALLY need to get a hold of someone but I’m thinking about officially boycotting them.  It’s crazy to be THIS connected.
  • The Indians are so bad that I’ve stopped watching them.  This may not sound like a huge revelation but for me it is.  I can remember seasons where I’d watch them lose 100 games.  I just can’t do it anymore.  I’ve got too much other stuff worth my time.
  • The Browns are bad… really bad.  Sure they had a lead at halftime but that’s about all there is to hang your hat on if you’re a Browns fan.
  • The Buckeyes have fewer wins this season than my Indiana Hoosiers – in FOOTBALL.  I can’t tell you just how happy this makes me.  Now just to show you that I’m not delusional, we’ll probably end the year with 2 wins but for right now I can say we’ve got a better record… that rocks.
  • Being a Steelers fan these days is a good thing… especially when you live in Cleveland.
  • The new Jackopierce album is great… I’m so glad to have it.  Their new live disc is even better.
  • Redbox is awesome… even if you don’t watch the movie that you rented you’re only out a buck.  Unless of course you don’t get it back by 9:00 PM and then you get charged another buck.
  • Oh yeah… jackhammers suck.

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