Time Warner FAIL

Time Warner CableLast night was the series finale of Lost on ABC.  We pulled together an impromptu viewing party (OK, so it was the in-laws, the wife and I, but that’s still a gathering dammit) and settled in to watch one of the most beautiful shows on TV come to an end.  That is until Time Warner Cable got involved.  The high definition feed was so bad that we eventually had to switch over to the regular feed.  That was OK as we were able to watch the story unfold, but let’s be honest.  Part of what makes Lost so visually stunning is the scenery.  The island of Oahu (where the show is filmed) is absolutely breathtaking and it’s even better in high definition.

The fact that Time Warner couldn’t get their shit together on THAT night is crazy.  I could almost understand it if the weather sucked last night… but it didn’t.  About half way through the show we got a “We’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties” message.  No shit.  Next we got a message that said, “The season finale of Lost will re-air in its entirety next Saturday…”  Great.  So I get to watch it the way it was intended to be seen a week after it’s original air date.  The only comparison I can make would be if they were having these kinds of issues during the Super Bowl.  “Attention, Super Bowl XLV will be re-aired in its entirety next Sunday…”  Really?

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