TLC 2014 Live From Cleveland! – Tables, Ladders & Chairs

TLC 2014 is in the books! The WWE held their annual TLC – Tables – Ladders – Chairs PPV last night in Cleveland and Marko and I were in attendance! Ever since the WWE Network was launched we’ve been getting together on a monthly basis to watch the PPVs but with this one being in our home town we decided to get tickets and be there live.

TLC 2014 Live From Cleveland

Overall it was a very enjoyable show and it was super exciting to be there, though after being at several RAWs and PPVs over the years I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I actually prefer watching them on TV with commentary. That said, when the show’s in Cleveland it’s tough to pass up being there live.

There were a couple of REALLY bad matches (Big Slow, Divas) and the finish of the TLC match made zero sense, but we had a good time and enjoyed ourselves.

TLC 2014 Live From Cleveland – Recap and Review

New Day v. Gold/Stardust – This was a solid opener. There were some issues getting into the arena but the crowd was pretty into this even though quite a few weren’t even in their seats yet.

Ziggler v. Harper – Ziggler’s from CLE so the pop he got when he came out and then when he won the title was simply amazing. This was a great match all around and I can’t wait to re-watch it on the Network with commentary. Harper took one bump in particular that looked SICK. This might have been match of the night.

Ziggler, Lawler & The-Miz

Usos v Miz/Sandow – Miz is another local CLE guy but he’s totally overshadowed by Sandow even in his own hometown. Sandow is pure gold and was the only thing worth watching here. When Miz was being held up in a suplex and Sandow came in and propped himself in the corner I nearly pissed myself laughing.

TLC Mizdow Suplex

Big Show vs Rowan – Fucking terrible. This was a waste of Rowan. I’m 100% sick of Big Show’s act. When he came back out during the Cena match there were audible groans around us. Luckily it turned out OK.

Cena vs Rollins – This match was awesome. For all the shit John Cena takes dude STILL had the biggest pop of the night (Behind perhaps only the Ambrose ladder spot). Crowd was into this match more than any other from start to finish and popped HUGE for Reigns. Personally I’m glad he showed up just so we won’t have to endure a Big Show / John Cena feud.

Bella vs Lee – Meh. Not terrible. Not great. At least it was short. It legit looked like they were attending to AJ Lee in the ring after the feed went off the air. Not sure if this was just a work for the fans in attendance.

Ryback vs Kane – This was better than I though it’d be, but this one seemed like something they threw on at the last minute just for the sake of it.  This was a chairs match so they were legal and the guys used them quite a bit. That said, these non-TLC matches at the TLC PPV just seem like an excuse to have a hardcore match.

Rusev vs Swagger – Why in the FUCK are we still getting this match?  How many times is Swagger going to lose to this dude? Even Lana’s hotness can’t get me past how bad this program is. Ugh.  What worries me is we’re going to see Rusev hold onto the U.S. Title and get challenged by the “Real American” Hulk Hogan. Allow me to puke now.

Wyatt vs Ambrose – This match was sick. These guys left it all out there. Not sure if they picked it up, but when Ambrose went for the big ladder he looked at the BIG ladder and mouthed to the camera “I can’t carry that one”. The ending was pretty stupid as Wyatt really didn’t do anything to beat Ambrose, but the rest of the match was so good it was worth it.

TLC Dean Ambrose

Post TLC Thoughts – Fantasy Booking

I’m actually glad we’re going to get Lesnar vs Cena III, though I’m honestly not sure where they’re going to go with that program. Lesnar’s contract expires the day after WrestleMania this year so I’m pretty sure he’ll hold on to the title into Mania setting up Reigns / Lesnar. On the other hand… I’d LOVE to see a senario where Cena wins at Royal Rumble and Seth Rollins cashes in setting up Reigns vs Rollins at Mania to bring back the Shield angle which never really played out. Throw in Ambrose and you’ve got a hell of a 3-way main event at WrestleMania 31!

But where does that leave John Cena? Clearly he’s going to be on the WrestleMania card. Does he go into a program with HHH?  Is there where they plug in Old Hogan? Lesnar again? This one’s a head scratcher.

If we’re to believe the rumors, we’re going to finally get to see Sting vs. The Undertaker. Sadly, this match is about 15-20 years too late… and no I’m not exaggerating. I’ve gone on record that Taker’s my all time favorite, but dude needs to stay gone at this point. I’ll be upset if he doesn’t.

The Royal Rumble (January 25th) marks the start down the “Road To WrestleMania”.  It’s traditionally the best time of the year to be a wrestling fan… and I simply can’t wait!

TLC 2014 Cleveland Intro LIVE

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