Trick-Or-Treat Should Only Be On One Night – Halloween

Back today archiving a Facebook post I made last week on the morning of Halloween.  I saw quite a few people complaining about the fact that trick-or-treat hadn’t been moved due to impending bad weather or due to the fact that a high school football game was scheduled on the same night. I posted this mini rant and I was happy that just about everyone that responded agreed with my stance.

Halloween Rant

Below is the un-edited discussion that status solicited.  Only last names have been removed:

I hear a lot of people complaining about how we haven’t moved Trick Or Treat tonight because of the weather. This I don’t get… we don’t move Christmas because of the weather. We don’t move Thanksgiving because of the weather.

And yes… I know… we don’t go door to door begging for candy on those holidays. But I remember “back in my day” wearing moon boots over my costume because there was so much snow on Halloween. And I remember doing Easter Egg hunts in the snow. Suck it up folks, this is Cleveland… bundle up, grab a beer and get out there with your kids… they’ll remember it forever. </end rant>

  • Dani – As a kid, I was once a witch for Halloween because the huge black dress is the only thing that fit over my ankle length winter parka.
  • Got it. Hand out beer to trick-or-treaters. Check.
  • Robyn – They moved Trick-or-Treat cause of football in Streetsboro…apparently it’s gonna snow tomorrow now
  • Frank – Numerous years dressed up as a hockey player to stay warm. Tonight is Halloween, tonight is the night for candy.
  • Mark – Remember 1993 when it snowed about 6 inches on the Eastside? Only time I can recall Halloween being “cancelled”.
  • Joe – Exactly. You want to run around and eat candy for 3 hours, fine. Don’t complain about the cold. Ungrateful little…
  • Rich – Dateline: Thanksgiving, 2034; Chewie’s House. Son #1: “Remember Halloween, 2014?” Son #2: “Ya…it was snowing, and dad destroyed a whole six pack while we walked the neighborhood. Said it was so cold he didn’t need to bring along a cooler. Good times.”
  • Timothy – I recall a Halloween where it was raining/sleet. We still had halloween. I was still running door to door and then scaring kids on my porch. Kids these days.
  • Jeremy – Trick or Treating should be on Halloween only in every city…
  • Christina – Same here! I remembers having to wear my parka over my Princess Leia costume.
  • Vikki – The best halloweens from my childhood where the ones that it was cold/snowy/rainy I got more candy for being “brave” and going out in it when other kids stayed in.
  • Emily – Moon boots!!
  • Doug – Amen! You are so right, Greg.
  • Amy – “grab a beer” — my favorite part of this status!
  • Allen – People are so spoiled nowadays. Suck it up and get out there, people!
  • Mitchell Herrin Excellent sentiment. Could not agree more.

The post script to this story.  The weather DID suck.  It was cold, rainy and windy. I DID grab a couple of beers for the road.  My kids DID have an awesome time.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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