V on ABC – Tonight Is The Night

A while back in a previous post I talked about the upcoming re-imagining of the 80’s cult classic V which was going to be coming to ABC in the fall.  I’m happy to say that tonight is the night that V returns!

V on ABC Feature

V on ABC Tonight!

There has been quite a bit of press about this show (both good and bad) but I have to say that I’m really jazzed to watch it tonight.  From what I’ve seen it’s going to be drastically different than the original miniseries which I can’t say is necessarily a bad thing.  After all it’s been over 25 year since that show was on the air!

I won’t go into plot here but suffice to say its an “us against them” story that (at least in the original) had quite a few twists and turns along the way.  Sure I’m a geek and I’m showing my age but I can tell you that tonight I’m going to be tuned into ABC!

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