We Built A Box

SandboxI typically try to keep up with my life here on the blog so it reads in chronological order, but I’ve been so busy lately that I’m a little behind.  That said, stay tuned for a couple of posts about movies I’ve watched recently, baseball and Father’s Day.

However… wanted to write about my weekend project.  The Sandbox.  The boys have had a small sandbox for the last couple of years and it’s quite frankly become too small for them (or more accurately they’ve become too large for it).  So… the wife and I have been looking for alternatives and the alternative that we landed on was to build one.

Seems like a simple undertaking: build a box.  4 sides, no floor… maybe a couple of seats.  The thing just needs to hold sand right?  How hard could it be?  Well…

3 trips to Home Depot, a bloodied thumb and index finger, hamstrings that feel like I ran a marathon and a back that feels like I’ve been working as a pack mule later I’m here to tell you that building a sandbox isn’t all that easy.  I’m DAMN lucky that my dad was there to help me through it.  (On a side note, it’s been quite a while since my dad and I have worked on a “project” together.  It brought back some great memories – love you Dad.)

So now that we’ve got it built (7 ft by 7 ft, 10 inches deep) it’s time to fill it with sand.  Naturally this isn’t going to be an easy task either cause based on how big we built it we’re looking at a ton of sand to fill it.  And yes, I’m being literal… a TON (as in 2,000 lbs).  So I either need to find someone who’ll deliver that much sand (and not rip up my yard in the process) or I’m going to be lugging 50 lb bags of sand.  But that’s (probably) a post for another day.

All I’ve got to say in closing is I hope to hell that G & C love this sandbox.

3 thoughts on “We Built A Box

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