Weekend Knowledge Gains…

Mounds of PaperworkWe’re learning all the time right?  This weekend was no different.  Here’s just a small sampling of stuff that I either determined as truths for the first time or reaffirmed based on very specific examples…

  • When you have no “plans” for the weekend you’ll look back on Monday morning and realize just how tiring doing “nothing” really is.
  • A child that takes a nap every day during the week will NOT take a nap on the weekend… especially when you REALLY want him to take a nap.
  • The same child that is not napping and is really pissing you off will turn everything around simply by hugging you and saying, “I love my daddy.”
  • My wife and I keep WAY too much paperwork.  When we finally get around to getting rid of this paperwork it will cause World War III.  Not sure why, cause we both agree that we keep way too much paperwork.
  • Shredding unwanted paperwork takes forever and a fucking day.  I should really buy a paper shredder that will shred more than 3 sheets of paper at a time.  However, when I’m in the office supply store I NEVER think buying a paper shredder is a good idea.
  • Lost is a great show.  The wife and I are perpetually 1 or 2 episodes behind.
  • Per my last “what I learned” post, Top Chef is awesome.  I’m glad that Hosea won but I think if the vote was based on the entire season (which I thought it was) that Stefan probably should have won.  Carla was lucky to be in the finals.
  • When something tastes terrible it will require Dad to test it out and see how bad it really is… even when two boys and Mom have already agreed that it’s terrible.  Regardless of their reaction, Dad will in fact try it and agree with them that it’s awful.

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