Who’s On First? The G-Man

G On First BaseI get the distinct pleasure every Tuesday evening to watch my son play t-ball.  This is the second year that he’s at it, and while I think that 4 is way too young to play the game of baseball in any form, it’s still about the cutest thing you’ll ever want to see.  G is a ball of energy like I’ve never seen (which my mother constantly reminds me is the way I was).  Needless to say, the concept of “staying in position” or “standing on the base” is a little bit difficult for him.

As I was standing watching his game the other night, I snapped this pic.  At first glance you may think that this is just his coach patting him on the head after a good hit (which naturally he had).  Alas, no… that’s not the case.  In actuality, this is a photo of the coach HOLDING him on first base so he wouldn’t make a mad dash toward second before the next child hit.

Watch out Kenny Lofton… the next great base stealer from C-town is coming through the system!

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