With Friends Like This, Who Needs A Prius

Badass PriusTook the Wife’s van into Toyota for some (overpriced) service this morning.  We thought it was going to be a warranty covered minor issue and it turns out it’s a $1,300 water pump.  Not happy… to say the least.  But I digress.

When I was asked what I wanted as a rental car I said “whatever’s biggest” (TWSS).  I was presented with a shiny new Prius Hybrid.

I made the mistake of sharing this photo on Instagram with the following caption: “Doing my part for Mother Earth by rocking the rental Prius Hybrid today. I hugged a tree before taking these photos. #toyota #prius #rental #treehug #green #hipster”

Chewie & His Prius

And that’s when my friends (who think they’re hilarious) chimed in…

So… I’ve got THAT conversation to look forward to tonight.  And to my “friends” who thought it was wise to poke fun at me on the Twitters…. Beware… you’ll never hear my eco-friendliness coming.

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