WrestleMania 27 – The Morning After

WrestleMania 27 LogoWrestleMania 27 is in the books.  While Pip, my bro and I had an absolute BLAST building this year’s Beeramid (pics here) I have to say the show was pretty lackluster.  It took a good 24 minutes after the show started for the first match to get underway… that’s just WAY too long in my opinion (even with the Rock starting things off).

  • Edge retained the World Title over Alberto Del Rio
    I thought for SURE that Del Rio was going to walk out of Mania with the strap.  Not sure where the WWE is going to go with his character at this point but it’s clear he’s going to continue to feud with Edge based on the fact that Edge beat the hell out of his car post match.  I’m guessing we’ll get some sort of Edge/Christian/Del Rio feud in the upcoming weeks here.  This was a solid opener and I really had high hopes for the show after this one.  I was kind of disappointed that they kept telling us that Edge was 0-3 when defending the title at Mania.  Kind of gave away the outcome in my opinion.
  • Cody Rhodes beat Rey Mysterio
    I can’t say I’m shocked that Cody got the win here.  I think he actually needed this match (career wise) way more than Rey does and I’m happy to see Rey putting over a younger competitor.  That said, this wasn’t Rey’s finest match.  I’m guessing that we’re going to see Rey against that new high flier that they’ve been introducing.  So so match and DEFINITELY not the worst on the card.
  • Kane, Big Show, Santino & Kofi beat The Corre
    Who cares?!?!?  This was thankfully rather short and actually wasn’t too bad to watch.  I’m not quite sure why the Corre wouldn’t get the win here though… why not build those guys?  I mean they DO have 3 title belts between the four guys right?
  • Randy Orton beat CM Punk
    Another WTF match for me.  If you’re going to go through WEEKS of building CM Punk as a bad ass and a few MORE weeks of having Orton dismantle his team then why WOULDN’T Punk win this match?  Makes no sense from a storyline perspective.  Punk at this point is buried.  Stupid booking by the WWE in my opinion.  That said it was a good match with Orton playing the “my knee won’t hold me” card and a very nice finish with a RKO out of nowhere.  Quite frankly either this or Edge/Del Rio is match of the night.
  • Michael Cole beat Lawler by DQ
    This was just piss poor.  Lawler actually got the win and then the RAW GM (why do we still have THIS storyline going on) comes on and tells us that Austin interfered so Cole gets the win.  This was so bad it made Vince/Bret from WrestleMania 26 look like a masterpiece.  This makes NO sense on so many levels.  Complete waste of a match.
  • The Undertaker made HHH tap
    This was decent but it was missing something…. and that something was HHH’s career.  For a No Holds Barred match this was pretty uneventful.  You can tell that both guys were really working hard but they’re just nearing the end of the road.  I’m guessing we’ll see a rematch of this one at next year’s Mania with Taker going for 20-0 against HHH’s career.  Not sure why in the hell Taker was carted out after the match.  He must be setting up his 6 month hiatus that he typically takes after WrestleMania. Decent match but not nearly what Shawn/Taker was the last couple of years.

At this point in the night we realized that there was something wrong timing-wise with the show.  We had about an hour remaining with 3 advertised matches.  Houston… we have a problem.  As it turns out, Sheamus/Daniel Bryan for the US Title was a dark match.  That sucks cause I’m guessing that would have been a hell of a lot better than some of the crap we got.

  • Snooki, Trish, Morrison beat Ziggler & LayCool
    Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame.  I knew for a FACT that Snooki wasn’t going to lose but come on folks… you’ve got to give us SOMETHING better than this.
  • Miz retained the WWE title over John Cena
    I think we all saw this coming a mile away.  Maybe not the way they got there but the end result.  Cena/Miz go to a double count out and out comes Rock (saying “Fuck THAT shit…” which is really funny).  Rock gets on the mic, restarts the match, gives Cena a Rock Bottom and Miz retains.  We’re clearly headed toward a Cena/Rock program which doesn’t NEED the title involved.  This was mildly entertaining though I was just sort of waiting for things to happen.

I’m not sure if I’m just a jaded wrestling fan or what, but I’ve been pretty disappointed with the last couple of year’s offerings.  This is the biggest show of the year and I’m just always hoping for a HUGE show from the WWE.  Maybe I’m just building things way up in my mind to the point where I can’t be satisfied.  That said… I can’t WAIT for April 1st, 2012… WrestleMania 28 in Miami!

What did you think of the show last night?

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