3 thoughts on “XM Radio – “I Wish I Knew How To Quit You.”

  1. To follow up on this…

    April 15th rolled around and I did in fact receive an email letting me know that my XM account had been canceled. Additionally, the service did in fact stop working.

    Now it’s time to check the Discover card to make sure that there was in fact no additional billing activity.

    Stay tuned.

  2. It appears that my XM Radio days are in fact behind me. With the exception of the marketing type emails that I’m getting (which I’m guessing I’ll NEVER get rid of) they aren’t bothering me. I just checked my Discover bill and there has been no additional XM charges there.

  3. And just like that… they pulled me back in. I spent all kinds of time trying to get away from XM and then the wife decides she wants to get it back… ARGH. So, I’m signed up again at a nice cheap price until of course it’s time to quit again and I’ll have to go back through this once again.

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