Dolph Ziggler – Kent State University Alumni Profile

Nic Nemeth - Dolph Ziggler

When we opened the mail the other day we saw that we’d received our Kent State Magazine that Wife gets due to being a part of the alumni association.  Not being a Flash myself, I put it aside and didn’t give it another thought.  Luckily Wife knows me pretty well so she cut out one of the articles and saved it for me. In this issue, they ran an Alumni Association Member Profile on none … Continue reading

Father’s Day 2012

Breakfast In Bed For Father's Day

Sunday was Father’s Day and I wanted to make sure that I get this posted before I forget the details of a glorious day.  I was woken on Sunday morning the sounds of the boys downstairs.  I was in and out of sleep, but that’s pretty normal on the weekends when Mom & Dad tend to sleep in a bit and the boys are raring to go.  Through my sleep haze, I could have sworn … Continue reading

Try Some Cinnamon In Your Eye

Toy Story 3D

The last couple of weekends have been absolutely crazy so I was really looking forward to some quality family time this weekend and ability to knock some stuff off my honey do list.  I had planned on taking Friday off but due to some unforeseen circumstances that didn’t work.  Luckily it was a terrible day weather-wise so the scolding I received wasn’t TOO harsh.  (sorry again hon) Saturday started out very nicely.  We decided not … Continue reading