Koko & Cee Lo

Koko B. Ware & Cee Lo Green

So I was watching the Grammy Awards this evening a couple of days late wondering who the hell everyone was.  I understand that I’m getting a bit older and I’ve never been all that “up” on pop music.  However, I saw a dude that reminded me of something from my past…something that I’d tried to repress. Koko. This dude (who I’ve since learned is named Cee Lo Green) was out there doing a performance with … Continue reading

Top Holiday Movies

Scrooged (1988)

Just as the fall is synonymous with horror movies, the winter is for holiday movies (it’d be kind of silly to have a bunch of Christmas movies in mid August wouldn’t it?)  So the first question we need to ask is how we’re defining a Christmas movie.  For the purposes of this list I’ll define them as movies that are either set at Christmas time or are “about” the concept of Christmas. HONORABLE MENTIONS Lethal … Continue reading