Black Friday Is Almost Here – Lowe’s Is the Place To Be

Lowe's Black FridaySo I’ve sort of been on a crusade here on the blog against Black Friday shopping (at least in person). If I’m being honest I’m sort of happy that this shitshow of a year has transitioned most of our shopping away from in-person toward digital. I’ve never been against sitting down and letting my fingers do the shopping.

As an aside… don’t travel this Thanksgiving. Just don’t. Stay at home, make some phone calls, jump on Zoom and stay safe. There’s always next year, or that’s the idea.

OK.. back to Black Friday. In this crazy COVID world I’m REALLY looking forward to the holidays this year. They’ll certainly be different but I’m really craving some ‘normalcy’.

Ever since our first ‘lockdown’ back in March I’ve been doing a TON of DIY projects around the house and we’re even tackling some ‘fun’ projects as well. My middle guy and I are in the midst of building our very own set of corn hole boards. We went on a COVID style vacation (rented a log cabin in the middle of the woods) and there was a corn hole set there that inspired us. When we got home we went to Lowe’s and got all of our tools and supplies.

In doing some research it looks like they’re\ going to have some AWESOME Black Friday specials this year. You can use Slickdeals to find Lowe’s Black Friday Deals (as well as other retailers). I’ve been threatening to do some home automation for years now (it’ll be SIX years next month that we built this home) and it looks like some home automation stuff may be on sale this year. Blink Security cameras, smart clocks, Amazon Echos and a ton more. I’ve got a couple of days left but I need to sit down and plan out all that I’m going to get into before I make my purchases. (Incidentally… if you’ve got some home automation I’d love some tip – I’m a complete noobie).

As I said earlier, I won’t be doing any physical shopping but I’ve got NO problem at all sitting on my laptop, with my sweatpants on – which seems to have become my standard COVID style. Thankfully it appears that all of the Lowe’s deals are available online as well!

What do you have your eye on this Black Friday? Anything in particular that you’ve been waiting on? Will you be physically going to the stores this year? Drop me a comment below!

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