Top Five Favorite Films From 1983

Scarface (1983)

Back again with another top five list and this time I’m visiting 1983. This wasn’t nearly as difficult a list to come up with as my last list from 1982, but there were still some tough choices that needed to be made especially when it came to which five films to be included in the Honorable Mentions section. In addition to 1982, check out 1981 and 1980. Chewie’s Top 5 Films From 1983 All of … Continue reading

My First Trip To The Horseshoe Cleveland

Horseshoe Casino Cleveland

After many years, Cleveland finally has a casino!  Just last week, the Horseshoe Casino opened up downtown and so far it’s gotten rave reviews.  There were people lined up around the block to get in and there were lines to get into the place for quite a few days after it’s grand opening.  I’m not going to bother rehashing all of the political maneuvering it took to get it here.  Suffice to say it was … Continue reading

Top Holiday Movies

Scrooged (1988)

Just as the fall is synonymous with horror movies, the winter is for holiday movies (it’d be kind of silly to have a bunch of Christmas movies in mid August wouldn’t it?)  So the first question we need to ask is how we’re defining a Christmas movie.  For the purposes of this list I’ll define them as movies that are either set at Christmas time or are “about” the concept of Christmas. HONORABLE MENTIONS Lethal … Continue reading