Top Five Favorite Films From 1981

Stripes (1981)

Back again with another top 5 list, this time 1981. Before I get started I wanted to point out something about these lists. The years for each movie is determined by the US theatrical release. I’m using a website called The Numbers – This issue came to light after I posted my Top 5 Films From 1980 list. If you look at IMDB for say, Superman II it lists it as a 1980 movie. However, … Continue reading

Harry Hamlin Made Me Smile (in 2010)

Kratos vs. Perseus

Me, not unlike other guys my age, grew up watching certain movies over and over and over again. Whenever they were on TV, no matter what point you caught them you would probably finish watching until the credits began to roll. One of these movies for me was “Clash of the Titans“. I remember that fondly as being my introduction to Greek mythology, which is something I’ve been fascinated with ever since. I even watched … Continue reading