“Shooting Stars” By Lebron James – Not Much Star Power

Shooting Stars (2009)

Being from Cleveland and a huge Cleveland Cavaliers fan, I figured I owed it to myself to read the book by the icon that is Cleveland Cavs basketball – Lebron James (co-written by Buzz Bissinger author of Friday Night Lights).  In all fairness, I prefer college basketball to the pro game but I figured this would be a good read nonetheless.  Unfortunately I was a bit let down. This book follows James and his buddies … Continue reading

Dick Vitale – Please Just Go Away

Dick Vitale

It’s March which means it’s time for college basketball to really kick into gear.  Unfortunately, that also means that it’s time for my ears to be filled with a bunch of screaming and yelling by “Dickie V” a.k.a. Dick Vitale. He screams about his “Diaper Dandy’s” which are supposed to be younger players that are great.  However when he’s pontificating about how great these youngsters are it just sounds contrived.  Please stop Dick.  Mike and … Continue reading