Dick Vitale – Please Just Go Away

Dick VitaleIt’s March which means it’s time for college basketball to really kick into gear.  Unfortunately, that also means that it’s time for my ears to be filled with a bunch of screaming and yelling by “Dickie V” a.k.a. Dick Vitale.

He screams about his “Diaper Dandy’s” which are supposed to be younger players that are great.  However when he’s pontificating about how great these youngsters are it just sounds contrived.  Please stop Dick.  Mike and Mike have him on their show on a regular basis to talk about not only basketball but about baseball and football as well… please stop.  Every time ol Dickie V shows up I turn the station.  I can halfway understand why his opinion is relevant when it comes to college basketball cause he’s been a coach and broadcaster for 40 years.  The fact that he lives in a retirement community in Florida does NOT make him an expert in Florida Marlins or Tampa Bay Rays baseball.  Please stop Dick.  And PLEASE don’t even get me started on Duke.  Every other word out of this man’s mouth is about how damn good Duke is.  Mike Krzyzewski is a great coach… we get it.  Please stop Dick.  You’ve had a good run.  Please know enough to know that it’s over.

Awesome baby!!!

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