Beer Shots – A New Passion

Beer Shots #1 - Austin, Texas Airport

As I’ve said in the past I’m definitely not what you’d call a “foodie”.  However, going through the pictures I realized that I have a proclivity to take pictures of my beer.  Not sure why I’ve started this, but figured I’d post these here.  Without further fanfare, I give you the initial offering of a new passion I call: Beer Shots (as in pictures… not necessarily shots.  Though come to think of it, those may … Continue reading

My Version Of “Foodie”

Nachos From BW3

I have quite a few friends that I’d consider “foodies”.  They write awesome blogs, share reviews and tend to photograph the food they eat.  I’ve never really considered myself a food photographer and I’m certainly not a foodie with all the crap that I eat.  However… I was going through some recent pics on my phone and I realized that I’ve taken quite a few food pictures over the recent months. These nachos were free … Continue reading

The Weekend That Was: Opening Day & WrestleMania 27

Pip & Chewie At The Indian's Home Opener

Once again this year, Pip made his yearly trek to the Cleveland area for a weekend of reliving memories and debauchery.  This year’s trip happened to coincide with Opening Day for the Indians so we headed down to the stadium to take in a game with my brother Marko and buddy Al.  Pip had never been to the stadium so it was super cool to have a “first timer” there though I can’t say the … Continue reading

Try Some Cinnamon In Your Eye

Toy Story 3D

The last couple of weekends have been absolutely crazy so I was really looking forward to some quality family time this weekend and ability to knock some stuff off my honey do list.  I had planned on taking Friday off but due to some unforeseen circumstances that didn’t work.  Luckily it was a terrible day weather-wise so the scolding I received wasn’t TOO harsh.  (sorry again hon) Saturday started out very nicely.  We decided not … Continue reading