Chicken Fingers & Pasta To The Rescue

The Kid Leash

It’s been a while since I’ve said a whole lot about the boys so I figured today was as good a day as any.  A couple of weeks back we took our yearly trip to Naples, Florida.  The wife went down about 10 days before I did and then I went down, spent a few days and then we all came back together.  Normally we have GREAT weather but this year it was unseasonably cold … Continue reading

The Refrigerator Saga


Like many of you, we’ve got multiple refrigerators in our house.  We’ve got a main fridge in the kitchen and a tiny “dorm room” in there as well for additional soft drinks and fruit for the boys.  In the basement I’ve got another dorm fridge dedicated to hops and barley.  Up until a couple of weeks ago we also had a full size freezer in the basement as well as a partially working refrigerator in … Continue reading