Earbud Instruction Manual? Yes, I’m Serious

Earbud Instructions

So I stopped at lunch today to get a new pair of earbuds. I’d left mine at home and I was lucky enough to find a pair on sale for only $4.99. The concept of earbuds (headphones) is pretty straight forward so you can imagine my surprise when I opened them up and saw that they’d come with instructions: Operating Instructions: Insert the audio plug into your iPod / MP3 / audio source’s headphone jack. … Continue reading

Spend A Few Evenings With Kevin Smith

Sold Out: A Threevening with Kevin Smith (2008)

If you’re a regular reader of the blog here (and probably even if you’re not a regular reader), you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Kevin Smith.  Not only do I enjoy his movies, but his books, his podcast, Twitter, etc.  I’ve often said that he’s the modern day George Carlin for the way he weaves words and that’s the biggest compliment that I can give him.  Speaking of Carlin, one of the things … Continue reading

Kevin Smith Talks About ‘My Boring-Ass Life’

My Boring-Ass Life (2009)

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m a big fan of Kevin Smith.  That said, it only made sense that one of these days I’d read one of Smith’s books and I started with My Boring-Ass Life.  I typically just get my reads from the library these days, but this particular title wasn’t available in my library system so I picked it up on Amazon.  In retrospect I’m glad that I did cause it … Continue reading

I’d Heard Terrible Things, But “Jersey Girl” Was Not Half Bad

Jersey Girl (2004)

I’ve been hearing for years just how bad this movie is.  It’s the butt of jokes and the director Kevin Smith talks about how bad it is.  I’m a huge fan of Smith’s other works (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, etc.) so I really wanted to see this one to see if it was really as bad as everyone said it was.  I’m happy to say that I disagree with most of what I’d heard … Continue reading