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Backlash (2016)
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Backlash (2016) – New Era of SmackDown

Sunday evening WWE was in Richmond, Virginia at the Richmond Coliseum for this year’s version of Backlash. This was the first PPV… read more Backlash (2016) – New Era of SmackDown

SummerSlam (2016) Poster
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SummerSlam (2016) – Sunday Bloody Sunday

Last night WWE was in Brooklyn , NY this year’s version of SummerSlam. This is one of the WWE’s “Big… read more SummerSlam (2016) – Sunday Bloody Sunday

SummerSlam 2016 This Sunday
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SummerSlam (2016) Predictions

If you believe the WWE, its second biggest show (behind WrestleMania) takes place tomorrow evening live on the WWE Network… read more SummerSlam (2016) Predictions