Drive Through – You’re Doing It Wrong

Drive-Through Fail

The concept of a drive through window is pretty neat when you think about it. You’re able to conduct your business without ever leaving the confines of your vehicle. The most well known version of the drive through is of course the fast food window. That’s pretty cool naturally, but not NEARLY as cool as a drive through beer store (one of which I have very near my home). As cool as I think that … Continue reading

The Kids At The Library

The Kids At The Library

I haven’t done a whole lot of blogging about the family lately but that’s certainly not by design.  I’ve got a ton of super cute pictures and videos from the last couple of months that I’m dying to get to.  I was walking out of the library the other day and happened to look over and see this scene… it was so cute to see the boys and A sitting there and even better cause … Continue reading

Kevin Smith Talks About ‘My Boring-Ass Life’

My Boring-Ass Life (2009)

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m a big fan of Kevin Smith.  That said, it only made sense that one of these days I’d read one of Smith’s books and I started with My Boring-Ass Life.  I typically just get my reads from the library these days, but this particular title wasn’t available in my library system so I picked it up on Amazon.  In retrospect I’m glad that I did cause it … Continue reading