Drive Through – You’re Doing It Wrong

The concept of a drive through window is pretty neat when you think about it. You’re able to conduct your business without ever leaving the confines of your vehicle. The most well known version of the drive through is of course the fast food window. That’s pretty cool naturally, but not NEARLY as cool as a drive through beer store (one of which I have very near my home). As cool as I think that is, ironically enough, I’ve never been a patron. But I digress.

While it isn’t nearly as awesome as drive up beer, our local library has a window. Now when I think of folks that go to the library, I typically think of “smart” folks. Yes, I understand that it’s a stereotype and I realize that there are stupid people that go to the library, but I typically don’t think of them. That said, I may have to reevaluate my personal library stereotype based on what I saw the other day.

Drive-Through Fail

Not only did dude park too far away to utilize the drive up window, be he managed to make take about 12 minutes to return his books.

Library fail.

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