David Baldacci Gets ‘True Blue’

True Blue

I was rummaging through my bookcase the other night looking for something to read and came across a hardback copy of True Blue.  Not sure when exactly I picked it up, but if I had to guess I’d say it was for Christmas last year.  In any case, I’d just gotten done reading the latest trade of Fables so I cracked it open. WARNING: THIS REVIEW WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS Mason “Mace” Perry is a former … Continue reading

Split Image – The Last Stone?

Split Image (2010)

BOOK DETAILS/INFORMATION: This is the ninth Jesse Stone novel written by Robert B. Parker. It was originally published in 2010 and was the first book published after the death of Dr. Parker. NOTE: This review will contain spoilers. Preceded By: Night And Day PLOT SUMMARY: This is essentially two stories in one novel, one of them being a Jesse Stone story and one of them being a Sunny Randall story.  The Stone side of the … Continue reading

The Final Spenser – “The Professional”

The Professional (2009)

BOOK DETAILS/INFORMATION: This is the thirty-eighth (38) Spenser novel written by Robert B. Parker. It was originally published in 2009.  Recurring characters include Susan Silverman, Vinnie Morris, Hawk, Tony Marcus, & Ty Bop. NOTE: This review will contain spoilers. Preceded By: Rough Weather PLOT SUMMARY: Spenser is hired by a lawyer named Elizabeth Shaw to get to the bottom of her client’s problem – blackmail.  Shaw’s clients, wives of rich older men, have a mutual … Continue reading

Slow Start Awesome Resolution “Just One Look”

Just One Look (2004)

Harlan Coben is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.  He’s got a couple of recurring characters and also writes stand alone novels that simply blow your socks off and Just One Look is no exception. Suburban mother Grace’s world is turned upside down when she picks up some family photos and notices one that should be there.  A photo of her husband that’s twenty years old has been magically inserted into her pack.  Her … Continue reading

‘Sea Change’ – The 5th Jesse Stone Novel

Sea Change (2006)

BOOK DETAILS/INFORMATION: Sea Change is the 5th Jesse Stone novel and was published in 2006.  There was a made for TV version of this story starring Tom Selleck that aired on May 22, 2007.  Selleck was given an Emmy nomination (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie) for his performance. PLOT SUMMARY: In Paradise, Massachusetts, the body of serial divorcee Florence Horvarth washes up on the local shore. As Stone investigates her death, … Continue reading