Late To The Party – Rachel Platten’s Fight Song

Rachel Platten - Fight Song

I imagine I’m going to catch a bit of flack on this one as it proves just how out of touch I am but that’s OK. If you know anything about me you know my iPod (which is ancient) is full of stuff like Zeppelin, Floyd, Van Halen and Jackopierce and the occasional “new” song. I saw Rachel Platten perform “Fight Song” on New Year’s Eve during one of the far-too-long extravaganzas and it caught … Continue reading

Shake… Hands???

Patty Shakes With Pip

Ran across this gem on the hard drive tonight and just had to post it.  At first glance this one is pretty tame.  Upon further inspection though, it’s clear that it belongs right here on 406.  Patty takes it upon herself to wish Pip a “Happy New Year” in her own special way. Pip, to his credit, appear to be pulling this particular situation off rather well.  Not quite sure how I’d react to a … Continue reading