Happy Birthday To The Rockstar

Dawn Puking

Well, it’s not Throwback Thursday, but it’s Dawn’s birthday so I figured what better day to post this gem. WAY back in the day in the first iteration of the site, I had a feature called the Picture of the Week. This particular photo originally ran on May 27th 2002. Happy birthday lady! Hope you have a simply outstanding day. Miss you! Update Photo credit goes to Pip. Per the man himself: “It was shot … Continue reading

Let The Lyrics Speak To You

The Verve Pipe - Underneath

I’m a huge fan of lyrical music.  Sure a good beat and melody can get you moving on the dance floor, but for a song to truly “touch” me it’s got to have great lyrics.  I’m also something of a romantic and a family man as you’ll see from my choices.  There are quite certainly other songs that I love from a lyrical standpoint but these stood out as my favorites. Colorful – The Verve … Continue reading

‘Rock Star’ – Live The Life

Rock Star (2001)

So the other day someone updated their status on Facebook and said they were watching Rock Star on TV.  This of course got me thinking of this movie again and I just had to re-watch it for the blog.  Finally… a piece of work that both metal fans and Marky Mark fans can get behind! Plot Written by John Stockwell, directed by Stephen Herek, and executive produced by none other than George Clooney, Rock Star … Continue reading