George Michael Photobombed My Kids

George Michael Photobomb

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done anything that I’d consider “family blogging”.  That’s certainly not because we don’t have anything going on in the Chewie household… FAR from it.  It’s more a function of me being too busy to get anything done and blogging here at 406 had sadly fallen by the waste side.  I’ve got a slew of ideas for upcoming posts so I’m hoping I’ll be a better blogger for the … Continue reading

Getting The Most Out Of An Unconventional Weekend

G & C Munching On Some Ice Cream

It’s Monday morning and damn if we didn’t just have a great weekend – though a little on the weird side.  At this point I’m a little sunburned and a little chafed (damn you protective webbing on the swimsuit… damn you to hell!!!) but man was it fun. Friday: After work and dinner on Friday night, we needed to take Mom’s truck to the Nissan dealership so they could work on it Saturday morning.  After … Continue reading

The Heroic Cheerio

The Heroic Cheerio

A while back, the wife and I took the kids away to an indoor water park for the weekend.  When I was packing up the car I noticed this Cheerio on the back of the truck.  We made our near two hour drive and I was unpacking the truck for the weekend, looked down and lo and behold, the Cheerio was still there! We spent two days at the water park and the boys had … Continue reading