The Heroic Cheerio

The Heroic CheerioA while back, the wife and I took the kids away to an indoor water park for the weekend.  When I was packing up the car I noticed this Cheerio on the back of the truck.  We made our near two hour drive and I was unpacking the truck for the weekend, looked down and lo and behold, the Cheerio was still there!

We spent two days at the water park and the boys had an AMAZING time.  What little boys WOULDN’T love an indoor water park in the middle of winter (in Northeast Ohio)?  At the end of our weekend I once again saw that the Cheerio was there as we pulled out to make our trek home.  2 hours later we pulled in the garage and there it was.  So this Cheerio made the round trip with us… talk about a bad ass breakfast cereal!

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