Top 10 WrestleMania Matches

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WrestleMania 25 is just recently in the books.  It wasn’t great but there were a couple of REALLY good matches.  WrestleMania weekend for me always means going back and reliving some of those great matches from past events.  It’s rare that this list is modified, but thanks to the Dead Man and Mr. WrestleMania this year, it was.  Honorable mentions and The Top Ten are listed in order of occurrence (oldest to newest).  Keep in … Continue reading

Return of The Beeramid

2009 Beeramid - Chewie & Pip

We came… we saw… we kicked its ass!!! Things were looking pretty harry there for while, but I’m happy to say that once again, Pip & I stood victorious over the structure that we refer to as the Beeramid.  I’ll be honest with you, there was a time there when we thought we were in for a rough go of it.  Then we realized that the base of the Beeramid was one too big… once … Continue reading