Agassi Is Finally Open

Open An Autobiography (2009)If you’re a tennis fan you’ll enjoy this book.  If you’re an Andre Agassi fan you’ll absolutely love it!  Open is one of the most transparent autobiographies that I’ve ever read.  I’m sure you’ve heard by this point but Agassi used drugs for a short period of time during his career.  This is just one topic that he absolutely does NOT shy away from in this book.  In fact, it’s that point of his career where the book really takes off.

He covers everything here from his early life where he learned how to hate tennis to his victories in Grand Slams, marriage, divorce and fatherhood.  And yes, you are reading that right… he HATES tennis.  He says it over and over again to the point where there is absolutely no question of whether he’s being serious or not.

Agassi pulls no punches here.  There are players on tour that he didn’t like (Becker) and some that he thought were cheap (Sampras) and he tells you each and every detail.  He talks about his marriage and eventual divorce to Brooke Shields as well as how he met his soul mate Stefanie Graf (don’t call her Steffi… she hates it).  Make no mistake about it, for this book image definitely isn’t everything.

As I said before, if you’re a tennis fan this is one you should pick up.  If you’ve ever been an Andre fan it’s an absolute must read.

PS: If you’re interested in seeing Andre and Pete get into it at a recent charity even check out the video below.  Classic!

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