Chewie at the 2006 AVN Awards

Katie Morgan @ The 2006 AVN ShowAhhh… The AVN (Adult Video News) Awards.   Though you may know it as “The Oscars of Porn”.  Years ago, when the Wife used to be a buyer, she’d go out to Vegas every year for the Consumer Electronics Show.  Me as the tag along husband (pre SuperDad days) would tag along for the week and play cards while Wife was working during the day.  It was a great and super cheap way for me to get a Vegas vacation as the room was paid for and back in those days a plane trip from DC to Las Vegas was only about $125 or so.

In any case, one year, I was walking around Vegas one day and I quickly realized that as luck would have it, the AVN Awards show was in town.  And while I thought this was kind of weird, when I sat back and thought about it, it made perfect sense.  Nerds and porn go together like… well, nerds and porn.

Before I knew it, I’d strolled over to the convention center and was considering attending the show.  The $50 entrance fee made me think twice, but then I thought, “Hey… I’m in Vegas at the same time as a porn convention… this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!“. And in I went… TWSS.

So why am I writing this now?  Well… quite honestly, I’m writing this WAY after this post is dated, but I wanted some place to put some of these pictures and I figured here on 406 was the perfect place.  This isn’t all of them… just the ones with the “talent”.  Perhaps one day I’ll get around to telling the greatest story from that day here on the blog.  Until then…

Enjoy… I know I did.

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