The 4th Installment of a Great Franchise – RAMBO

Rambo 4Went to see the latest installment of Rambo this afternoon and though I’d fill you folks in.

For an action movie this was pretty damn good.  It was ultra violent even by Rambo standards (which if you remember the first couple in the series is saying quite a bit.)  Big explosions, TONS of blood and gore and some great kills.

I completely forget the storyline of Rambo III (this may be my brain’s way of shielding me from such a terrible movie) so I can’t really comment on continuity, but it seemed to me that THIS story just kind of picked up from nowhere.  John’s living near Burma doing odd jobs as a snake tamer, blacksmith, etc.  Some good-doers want to hire good ol Rambo to take them upstream to Burma and that’s when things get good.

From a storyline perspective there’s not a whole lot here (though after First Blood this series really wasn’t about the story).  Essentially, Rambo’s on a mission to save some people from the bad guys (where have we seen this before).  That being said, there are some new twists that we haven’t seen in the series.

It’s a very quick movie (only running about an hour and a half) and the end just seems to come up out of no where.  No real buildup and before you know it you’re in the final scene.  There are a couple of BRUTAL kills in here (including one that you see in the trailer that is better on the big screen).  They even do a decent job of some of the Rambo back story (though i would have liked to have seen something more in that arena).

I have to say — Sly is in INCREDIBLE shape.  The fact that he’d even take on this roll after so many years says something about him… I’m just not sure what it says.

Overall a nice little action movie… Definitely not for the kids but a GREAT way to spend a guy afternoon. (Didn’t hurt that this was a $5 movie with free popcorn thrown in).

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