Lyrics That Touch – Firework By Katy Perry

Firework - Katie Perry

If you’re like me you heard this song WAY too often over the 4th of July weekend this past year.  For me it started off as a catchy tune that I got sick of.  I had on the iPod shuffle this morning and it came on.  I don’t know that I’ve ever really listened to the lyrics before but if you really look at what Ms. Perry is singing about it’s a pretty damn moving … Continue reading

A Busy 4th Of July Weekend

Watching The Fireworks

Holiday weekends are great and this past one was no exception.  We were jam packed starting on Friday night when we got together to celebrate Gramp’s birthday (pics forthcoming).  As you can tell from the photo here the kids really enjoyed their weekend and for once we were able to tire them out (3 nights in a row out WAY past their bedtime will do that I suppose). Saturday was “get away day” as we … Continue reading

Yet Another Law That I Don’t Get


So it’s Independence Day weekend.  That means (among other things), a day off work, cookouts, family and FIREWORKS!  The wife absolutely LOVES them and she takes the opportunity to see just as many shows as possible.  I believe this year we’ve got Saturday, Sunday and Monday evenings lined up. The boys love them as well (though I think they’re more enamored with the fact that they get to stay up past bedtime).  Being Super Dad, … Continue reading