Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons Are Getting Older

Andrew Taruso - Donald Duck

I hate to be the guy who constantly points out how old I’m getting, especially since I’m a firm believer that age is nothing but a number and as long as you don’t act your age you’ll never grow old. (I have similar feelings about weight and blood alcohol level, but that’s another story). That being said, every now and then I’m given a stark reminder that I am indeed getting older and there’s not … Continue reading

My Very Own Original Super Ugly

Optimus Ugly courtesy of the great John (Super Ugly) Williams

I’ve talked on occasion about my favorite podcast The Geek Savants.  One of the Savants is an artist known as Super Ugly.  John (Super Ugly) Williams is a multi-talented chap who does everything from hosting a podcast, to being the lead rapper in Unified School District, to being an amazing artist.  For years I’ve wanted to get my hands on a “Super Ugly Original” and I’m happy to say that it’s finally a reality. I … Continue reading

Art Imitating Life

Walking Through The Woods

I’ve got a couple of images floating around on my hard drive that I just need to share.  If you read my stuff more than once, you’ll know that family comes first.  Sure, I’ll bitch about my kids now and then but they (and the Wife) mean the world to me.  One of the things that always struck me growing up is how many pictures we took but never really looked at.  I’m trying to remedy that … Continue reading