My Very Own Original Super Ugly

I’ve talked on occasion about my favorite podcast The Geek Savants.  One of the Savants is an artist known as Super Ugly.  John (Super Ugly) Williams is a multi-talented chap who does everything from hosting a podcast, to being the lead rapper in Unified School District, to being an amazing artist.  For years I’ve wanted to get my hands on a “Super Ugly Original” and I’m happy to say that it’s finally a reality.

I opened the mail the other day to find this beauty… my very own Optimus Ugly:

Optimus Ugly courtesy of the great John (Super Ugly) Williams
My Very Own Original Super Ugly Art Piece!

As you may know, I’m a HUGE Transformers fan so to get this piece after so many years was really a treat.  John has a style all his own that will really stand out in any collection. I’ve see a LOT of Prime art, and this is the first time that I can remember the artist taking the time to render the INSIDE of the cab on his chest… a very nice touch.

But my joy didn’t stop there… I flipped over the package and noticed this little gem the Ugs gave me.

A Super Ugly Rendering Of Chewbacca
An Ugly version of Chewie… for Chewie!

He certainly didn’t need to include that but it was a little treat that I absolutely loved.  I wanted to take this opportunity to once again thank John for the amazing art piece… it definitely won’t be my last!

I’ve already got a couple more pieces in mind for my next Ugly creations.  If you want to get some Super Ugly art for your collection, you can check him out on Facebook at or on Twitter at  Tell him Chewie sent ya! 

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