Action Lab Entertainment Presents: Double Jumpers

Double Jumpers #1 By Action Lab Entertainment

I’m a geek.  A comic book nerd.  I’m an 80’s movie quoting, hair metal loving dork.  I have been for as long as I can remember.  Unfortunately, as life has gotten in the way of my wasted youth, one of the things that has fallen by the wayside for a variety of reasons has been reading comic books.  Luckily, these days, there are a variety of ways for me to “keep up” with my old … Continue reading

100 Facts About Me – Or At Least 50

Twitter Logo

There’s recently been a hash tag topic on Twitter called #100FactsAboutMe.  The idea is to tweet 100 facts about yourself (I suppose).  One afternoon I decided that this would be a great idea cause let’s face it… people want to know all about Chewie.  So… without further build up here’s my list: I’m part of the @clevelanddotcom Twitter Twenty! #CLE20 I live in Cleveland but I’m a Steeler fan. In my defense, I grew up … Continue reading

The Overuse of LOL

Laugh Out Loud

I apologize in advance to those that this will offend.  The language contained within will not be nice nor will it be “suitable for work” or for a child’s ears (not that you’re reading this blog to your child – boy would that be cool).  With that being said… STFU. We live in world today where the vast majority of our interaction is digital.  140 character tweets, text message, status updates, etc.  It only stands … Continue reading

Current Favs On YouTube

Charlie Sheen Winning

YouTube is an amazing website.  As I’m not taking today off to partake in St. Patrick’s Day events like the rest of Cleveland, I was just going through a couple of my favorites and thought I’d share them.  Enjoy! I know I’m late to the Charlie Sheen game but this is nothing short of EPIC WINNING.   In all honesty, the guys that put this together are SUPER talented. One of the most inspirational speeches ever … Continue reading

Spend A Few Evenings With Kevin Smith

Sold Out: A Threevening with Kevin Smith (2008)

If you’re a regular reader of the blog here (and probably even if you’re not a regular reader), you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Kevin Smith.  Not only do I enjoy his movies, but his books, his podcast, Twitter, etc.  I’ve often said that he’s the modern day George Carlin for the way he weaves words and that’s the biggest compliment that I can give him.  Speaking of Carlin, one of the things … Continue reading

Kevin Smith Talks About ‘My Boring-Ass Life’

My Boring-Ass Life (2009)

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m a big fan of Kevin Smith.  That said, it only made sense that one of these days I’d read one of Smith’s books and I started with My Boring-Ass Life.  I typically just get my reads from the library these days, but this particular title wasn’t available in my library system so I picked it up on Amazon.  In retrospect I’m glad that I did cause it … Continue reading