100 Facts About Me – Or At Least 50

Twitter LogoThere’s recently been a hash tag topic on Twitter called #100FactsAboutMe.  The idea is to tweet 100 facts about yourself (I suppose).  One afternoon I decided that this would be a great idea cause let’s face it… people want to know all about Chewie.  So… without further build up here’s my list:

  1. I’m part of the @clevelanddotcom Twitter Twenty! #CLE20
  2. I live in Cleveland but I’m a Steeler fan. In my defense, I grew up in Pittsburgh.
  3. I chewed tobacco for 17+ years. When I quit I helped start www.killthecan.org to help others quit.
  4. I’m adopted. So is my brother but we’re not biological brothers. Still love him to death.
  5. I once left a brand new grill in its box in my garage for over a month. @MikeHumphries was not happy about it.
  6. I’m starting to think that doing this 100 facts list was a bad idea.  (Please note that I was only up to #6 before I started having second thoughts…)
  7. Even though this list was a bad idea once I start something I’m uber stubborn. I will complete it.
  8. Prime example of #7? The WrestleMania Project First post in Sept 09 and still going.
  9. I’m married to my high school sweetheart.
  10. I’ve got two kids. I enjoy playing with their toys probably more than they do.
  11. I have a blog at www.406northlane.com where I tend to act much younger than my age.
  12. I have what some would consider “a potty mouth”. I freely admit it and don’t think it takes away from my character.
  13. I blame @Ken_Diesel for giving me the crazy idea to do this list.
  14. For some strange reason, I wasn’t even following @Ken_Diesel from this account. It’s been remedied.
  15. All of these tweets will be compiled into a blog post. (You’re reading it now)
  16. Sometimes I’m scared that I put too much of myself “out there”. Then I realize no one cares anyways.
  17. I’m trying to be considerate and not flood people’s Twitter feeds. But its noon and I’m only 17/100. #GoTime
  18. Robert B. Parker is my all time favorite author. I read his works over and over again. He passed away last year RIP
  19. I wonder… does Twitter keep ALL of my tweets? Can I see every single one I’ve ever made?
  20. I should pass 2,500 tweets during this exercise.
  21. Megatron was my first Transformer. But I have to say Soundwave was probably my favorite.
  22. I live in Ohio and I’m not a Buckeye fan. Sue me – I went to another Big Ten school. Don’t worry not Michigan.
  23. I’m Polish. I enjoy Polish jokes. Anyone who gets bent out of shape over stuff like that is wound too tightly.
  24. There are 2 topics I rarely talk about: religion and politics. It’s pointless. People have their minds made up.
  25. I can no longer drink “regular” – diet all the way regardless of brand.
  26. My family is the most important thing in the world to me. This should have been fact #1
  27. I will be watching #WrestleMania 27 next Sunday evening. It will be awesome.
  28. #WrestleMania 28 has already been announced to be in Miami, FL next year. I was hoping for #Cleveland
  29. My all time favorite baseball player is Jim Thome. Got to meet him a couple weeks ago. Turned into a little girl.
  30. I am fascinated by #tattoos but don’t have any… yet. I’ve got 3-4 designed in my head.
  31. I just destroyed Taco Bell for lunch.
  32. I will not tweet something that I won’t say to your face.
  33. I’m convinced that there is a movie quote perfect for every situation.
  34. Just bought this tremendous Voltron t-shirt: http://twitpic.com/4cu0ww
  35. I’m pretty sure that this “Internet thing” is here to stay.
  36. I truly do hope that I’m doing this slow enough to not spam up people’s feeds. I’d hate to piss people off.
  37. Growing up I was a Leo. Not sure if that’s still the case or not.
  38. I prefer Target to Walmart. It’s more “upscale” (though that’s not saying much).
  39. I prefer Burger King to McDonalds. Their fries are FAR superior.
  40. I was a competitive swimmer for 17 years. Amazing the difference between 8 miles/day and 8 beers/day #college
  41. I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to fast food. Seriously.
  42. IMHO there is only one “Trilogy”
  43. I have some incredibly “pretty” Twitter followers.
  44. Cleveland gets a bad wrap nationwide, but I will defend her to the death. It’s a GREAT place to live.
  45. I love being a dad. Even though the kids are a pain sometimes, it’s totally worth it when they greet me at the door.
  46. Though I’m being optimistic, I do not have high hopes for my beloved Cleveland Indians this year.
  47. I stayed away from Twitter for a long time cause I thought it was silly. I still think it’s silly. #HereToStay
  48. I’m starting to get worried that I’m going to get to #100 before the end of the day.
  49. I promise to tweet less tomorrow. I recognize that this is ridiculous.
  50. I am half way there. I am in fact, living on a prayer. #BonJovi

At that point, I made the following tweet:

“I’m making the executive decision that 50 #100factsaboutme is more than enough…”

And just like that… I was done.

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