Best Survivor Ever

Russell Hantz

Last night the finale of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains aired on CBS and for the second time, Sandra Diaz-Twine was named the winner.  Also for the second time, the best player in the history of the game came up short.  I’ve watched every single episode in the 20 seasons of Survivor and I’m confident in saying that Russell Hantz is the best player ever.  Period, end of story.  The game’s tag line is “Outwit, Outlast, … Continue reading

Are The Survivors Going Soft?

Survivor Logo

The CBS show Survivor is in its 19th season.  Even after all that time its still one of the highest rated programs on the tube and certainly is the Godfather of “reality television” as we know it today.  There have been rule changes and format changes but the general game is pretty much the same as it was when Richard Hatch won the first installment.  But I’m wondering… have the Survivors gone soft? On last … Continue reading