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Russell HantzLast night the finale of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains aired on CBS and for the second time, Sandra Diaz-Twine was named the winner.  Also for the second time, the best player in the history of the game came up short.  I’ve watched every single episode in the 20 seasons of Survivor and I’m confident in saying that Russell Hantz is the best player ever.  Period, end of story.  The game’s tag line is “Outwit, Outlast, Outplay” and Russell does that better than anyone in history.

On the reunion show last night, Jeff Probst asked Sandra if since  she was the only person to have won 2 shows, does that make her the best ever.  She responded affirmatively setting Russell off.  In all fairness, I’m sure this question was a complete set up just so Russell would go off.  Russell (correctly) pointed out that the game is flawed.  He stated that America should vote on who the winner is.  While I don’t agree with that I do think that the way the final votes are tallied should be modified.  The votes should be cast AFTER the contestants leave the island and have had some time to reflect.  The way it is now, the jury is so BITTER for being voted off that they can’t see just how brilliant a player like Russell is.  He does whatever it takes to win the game and for two seasons now the jury has given the victory to someone who’s a complete tag along (Sandra this season and Natalie White last season).

A couple of other random thoughts…

  1. The title of this post is “Best Survivor Ever” and while I was referring to Russell I could just as easily been referring to this SEASON of Survivor.  Absolutely incredible.  If you’ve never seen the show and would like to find out what all the talk is about, this is a great spot to jump in.
  2. On the finale last night, someone was bitching at Russell about how he lied during the game.  What… the… FUCK!!!  This game is all about lying folks.  You do what you need to do to get to the end.  Russell did that and makes no bones about it.  I’ve got MAD respect for the brother and from the results of the “Sprint Player Of The Season” award (two seasons in a row mind you) so does the rest of America.
  3. We’re 20 seasons in at this point… when are we going to get some really good locations?  How many hot, sweaty, mosquito infested places can we find?  When are we going to get Survivor: Antarctica?  How about Survivor: Bosnia?  Can you imagine the possibilities of Survivor: New Jersey?  Come on Mark Burnett… you’re missing the boat here brother!

One thought on “Best Survivor Ever

  1. I am in total agreement about everything. I, too, have watched every single episode of Survivor and this was a great year! I have been hoping for a cold location for years now. Think about it. Sled races, icicle pitches, pack dogs, the possibilities are endless. For reals!

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