Beer Shots – Yuengling Lager – Clambake Big Bass Lake

Yuengling Lager On Big Bass Lake

Ran across this beauty the other day and just had to add it to the blog for Beer Shots.  I’m a HUGE fan of Yuengling Lager and during last year’s family clam bake it was my beer of choice. I’m happy to say that after some scheduling issues, we’ve got a date for this year’s get together in late June.  Can’t wait!

Family Clam Bake 2012

Clambake 2012 - Hamburgers & Hot Dogs

We recently had our yearly family clam bake which has been a tradition for the last 25-30 years or so.  No one can quite remember exactly when the tradition started but we’ve been doing it every year for a LONG time and it has evolved into something quite special.  It’s essentially the one time per year that I get to see that side of my family and I can honestly say that I look forward … Continue reading

Unplanned Brilliance

Thumbs Up

This past weekend we had our annual family clam bake at my cousin’s house in Pennsylvania.  I’m happy to report that unlike last year, the weather completely cooperated and we had an AWESOME day.  As per tradition, we had 20+ dozen clams, hamburgers, hot dogs, corn, potatoes, shrimp, home made ice cream and beer.  🙂 Early in the afternoon, I was hanging out on the porch talking with my cousin and G was poking around … Continue reading