People Piss Me Off…

You're An Asshole

Was just in line waiting for lunch at the food court. Guy in front of me who clearly thinks he’s better than the gal serving the food based on his body language proceeds to point to every item (which are clearly marked) and barks “What’s that?!?”  She nicely responds and tells him what every item is. As he’s checking out he says, “Gimme some sauce.” to which she responds “What kind of sauce would you like … Continue reading

Circumcision By Toilet Seat

Shark Toilet Seat

Attention guys: this is going to hurt just to read it… you’ve been warned. I just got back from our yearly trip to Naples, Florida (more on that to come).  I was delayed getting out of Cleveland so I didn’t get in to Naples until around 2:15 AM on Wednesday (huge thanks to my father-in-law for picking me up).  Obviously the boys were sleeping so I didn’t get to see them that night.  The next … Continue reading