People Piss Me Off…

You're An AssholeWas just in line waiting for lunch at the food court.

Guy in front of me who clearly thinks he’s better than the gal serving the food based on his body language proceeds to point to every item (which are clearly marked) and barks “What’s that?!?”  She nicely responds and tells him what every item is.

As he’s checking out he says, “Gimme some sauce.” to which she responds “What kind of sauce would you like sir?”  He respond with “Soy sauce and something else.”

Hey dickhead… if you don’t even know what kind of sauce you want, how in the FUCK should she know?

His bill was $5.79. He hands her a $20 and she returns his change… a $10, four singles and some change. ($.21 for those keeping track at home). He looks at the four singles and asks rudely “How much was it?”  When she responds “$5.79” he cuts her off and says “You didn’t give me enough change, I’ve only got four singles!”, she calmly explains the concept of “change” and how that works.

Once he noodled that and figured it out (or determined that she was wrong but he didn’t want to argue any more) he concluded this wonderful transaction with “Gimme a cup of water.”

This is the kind of person I hope for very bad things to happen. How about some common fucking courtesty asshole? Did your mamma not teach you your “Please and Thank Yous”?

Fuck you. Karma’s a bitch.

And remember…

“Life is on the wheel. It all comes around.”

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