The Windstream / DISH Saga

Windstream Logo

I don’t know about you, but we don’t enjoy spending more money than we need to.  Recently (after yet another rate increase notice – the 2nd this year) we finally got fed up with Time Warner and decided to make a switch.  We were paying around $150 a month for our cable and Internet service through Time Warner… and that’s without any premium channels (HBO, Cinemax, etc.)  Oh yeah, throw in another $15 a month … Continue reading

It All Comes Back To Pro Wrestling

The Mountie

In case you’ve been living under a rock there was a wedding this morning.  Prince William married “commoner” Miss Catherine (a.k.a. Kate) Middleton.  I’m happy to say that I completely ignored the hype for this story.  I didn’t give a shit, didn’t set my DVR, and didn’t stay up late to watch it.  However… as I was kissing the wife & kids goodbye this AM I turned on the TV and the live coverage happened … Continue reading

Damn That Hurts Don’t It? – ‘Road House’

Road House (1989)

My wife and kids were out of town a few weeks back and I had some alone time with the DVR.  I of course took it upon myself to watch a bunch of movies that I’d seen before.  When it comes to 80’s action flicks this is one of the best. The premise of the movie is pretty straight forward: Bar owner buys a place and wants to clean it up Said bar owner decides … Continue reading