Yep… This Kid Is Cool

C Sleeping

So last night, we finally had C-Man’s birthday party (we’d celebrated on his actual birthday when we were on vacation in Florida back in March).  I was going through the hard drive this AM and realized that I’ve got quite a few AWESOME pics of the big man so I just had to share them!  It’s been FAR too long since I’ve done a C-centric post! As I mentioned, we took our yearly trip to … Continue reading

Christmas Lights Before Thanksgiving

Christmas Lights

I have to say that normally Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving really irritates me.  Traditionally, A and I have put up our Christmas tree (and associated decorations) either the day after Thanksgiving or at the very latest Saturday or Sunday.  This year I’m sorry to say that I’m a complete offender of my own rule.  While I don’t have my Christmas tree up yet, we’ve had a couple of BEAUTIFUL weekends in a row and … Continue reading