Talk About An Unprofessional LinkedIn Response

I'm An Unprofessional

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful networking tool for professionals to connect with their colleagues, find new job opportunities and get to better know their industry.  Think of it as Facebook for professionals.  Sadly, not everyone who’s got a LinkedIn account remembers the “professional” part of that title. I ran across this in my Facebook feed last night when it was shared by a professional for which I have the utmost respect.  As I dug in … Continue reading

Random Thoughts On A Friday Morning

It’s been a while since I’ve done of of these posts.  I’ve got a couple of things bubbling around in the ol noggin so I figured I’d sit down and write for a while… comments always welcomed. Tonight’s poker night for the Cleveland Poker League – that makes me happy.  I hope I play better than I did last game but even if I don’t it’ll still be a good night. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  … Continue reading

The Culling Of My Friends On Facebook

Facebook Friends

Facebook is an amazing site.  It allows people to get back in touch with one another after many years.  It’s a great time waster at work and there are some pretty cool applications on there.  That said it can be incredibly addicting and if you’re like me you can get caught up in the hype.  Similar to MySpace and LinkedIn, Facebook allows you to become “friends” with people.  They need to approve you as a … Continue reading